Welcome to your child's home away from home



Q. Are your teachers educated and experienced to work in early childhood?

Ans. Yes, our teachers are fully certified.

Q. Can I have my child enrolled for several hours in a day?

Ans. Yes, All Cubs children center offer a variety of flexible scheduling options, so you can take advantage of as little or much of our child care services as you need. Part Time and Full-Time rates vary based on which option you choose for your child each month.

Q. Do you have a waiting list? If so, how does it work?

Ans. Yes, we do. There are two separate waiting lists. One list is for families who already have a child enrolled, whom parents also want to enroll a sibling/s. The second list is for families who do not yet have a child enrolled.

Q. May I visit my child at any time?

Ans. All Cubs has partnered with Angel Watch to make it easy and accessible so you can view your child at any time of the day.

Q. Can I provide my child with his/her meals for the day or do you provide meals?

Ans. Yes, we provide breakfast but lunch will be cater in by Smart Lunches at a small fee; you're welcomed to provide anything additional for your child.

Q. What is your approach for child safety and security?

Ans. Yes, we are partnered with Angel Watch. Please feel free to visit their site at AngelWatch.net.

Q. May I have a relative, neighbor or sitter pick up my child?

Ans. Yes, upon enrolling, you will have the opportunity to list those who must show valid ID. Also, under the parent tab on the All Cubs website. You will be responsible to update/remove listed members for pick up.

Q. What is the nature or focus of All Cubs curriculum?

Ans. To provide the highest quality for each of your children. We offer an enriching and stimulating curriculum and activities to heighten your child.