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Plans on Educational and activities based on age groups-

All Cubs, we understand that the most effective way to getting children to begin their pre-school education is by providing a strong and effective curriculum for all children based on their age group. Therefore; we are introducing our preschoolers to a basic concept they will need to understand before they can dive deeper into subjects like English, science and math. With lots of fun activities and games, preschoolers are slowly introduced to numbers, the alphabet, and alphabet sounds. They also begin to learn about colors, shapes and sizes.

Our 3 months-1 years old- will be exploring a boost in movement with plush balls, toys and regulatory reads so, language and listening development can increase and help them with develop growth.

1- 2 years old- Creating different variations so, that they can recognize colors through memory development, object performance, and fine motor. Engage them to actively think and solve, by stacking blocks, centering puzzles, arts and craft. Also, providing regulatory reads so, language and listening development can increase.

Our 3-4 year's old- to promote and encourage self-confidence with their ability to do things at their own pace. To introduce a fun-filled lesson plan to promote their recognition with numbers, words, music, creative art and computers provide opportunities for both shared and independent learning experiences.

Our 5-6 year's old- To assist in their social and academic development by forming a fun and structure classroom environment with computers opportunities for both shared and independent learning experiences.

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga is a fun and engaging way for children to learn self-awareness, mindfulness along with increased coordination, flexibility, and strength. Kids yoga class is designed to incorporate breathing techniques and movement (poses) in a fun, safe, and relaxed environment. We start with the "namaste" song to center and relax ourselves. We then move the physical practice of poses followed by savasana or relaxation. Our goal is to make yoga a fun and approachable practice for children to incorporate it in their everyday life.

Therefore; All Cubs wants to introduce our children (ages 2-6) to Yoga.

Please see below our instructor's Bio:

Julie is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher where she brings the ancient teachings of Patanjali alive in her modern postural yoga classes. She devotes her time helping her students understand how the ancient teachings of yoga apply in the modern world. She spent four months living in an ashram in Vrindavan, India where she found her passion in the Bhagavad Gita, the yoga of love and devotion. During her adventures in India, she taught yoga and Om chanting to underprivileged child laborers. In the future, she plans to return to India to establish a sustainable program for these children. When you can't find Julie practicing yoga, you can find her climbing the rock wall in the Rutgers gym, walking on a Cape Cod beach at sunset, teaching Reiki, cooking gluten free, vegan desserts, or watching Parenthood on Netflix. When she isn't doing these things, she has a Jeff brown novel in hand. Her favorite author Jeff Brown resonates with her because of his reasonable and pragmatic approach to spirituality. Whenever life seems difficult, Julie seeks guidance and comfort in "Love It Forward," by Brown. Julie's approach as a teacher, is grounded, digestible, and nourishing to mind, body, and self. Plus, she eats broccoli for breakfast everyday so you know she is legit.


We will have a music instructor from Octopus Music School.

There are numerous benefits that come from learning how to play an instrument through music. Children develop knowledge about patterns, rhymes and vocabulary through music and songs. This can build confidence and can help them be well rounded.


Nutrition is essential to a child's growth and overall well-being. All Cubs does not prepare meals but, we will provide a healthy breakfast and lunch. Breakfast will normally be cold cereal, bagels, fruits and instant oatmeal and lunch will be from a company called Smart Lunches. Smart Lunches, recipes are all 100% nut-free healthy, nutrient-dense, sensible about salt and sugar, and served in portion sizes appropriate for kids of several different age groups. Parents have total control in ordering weekly lunches for their children through the portal site.